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05 October 2010 @ 07:12 pm

Wow, already almost two years ago since I've last updated O_O
well, I haven't really felt like making icons and haven't had the time so..
Though now I'm installing all my programs on my brand-new laptop, I was trying some things with my PhotoFiltre.
Only 3 icons, but a shame if I wouldn't share them so :)

ClickCollapse )

Hope you'll like it.
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12 December 2008 @ 12:32 pm
Here is a small batch of Disney Princesses in their christmas outfits.
These are Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Briar Rose. I also have Snowwhite and Cinderella images but I haven't made icons with them. Unless someone would like to have icons from them I won't be making them.

I would be happy taking requests regarding these icons! :)
Christmas is the happiest time of the year :)Collapse )
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15 November 2008 @ 03:58 pm
[08] Beauty and the Beast
[08] Disneyland California
[17] The Little Mermaid
[09] Pocahontas

It has been a while since my last batch but here I am again! I've been very busy lately so I couldn't make many icons :(. These are made a while ago for various icontest challenges. I've also used an other table. I hope you enjoy them! :)

Paint with all the colors of the wind...Collapse )

Credit like this:

All regular rules apply and
if you like what you see, please join! :)
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29 October 2008 @ 05:24 pm
Here are the banners from the winning icons in order from oldest to newest:

BannersCollapse )

I'll soon put in this post my resources!
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18 September 2008 @ 04:00 pm
[15] The Little Mermaid
[10] Beauty and the Beast
[03] Brother Bear
[03] Princess and the Frog
[03] Hercules
[01] Disneyland Paris

#14 of the Little Mermaid won 2nd place at
#2 of Brother Bear won Mod's Choice at


If you like what you see, please join!
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23 August 2008 @ 11:42 pm

[15] Beauty and the Beast
[18] The Little Mermaid
[10] Cars/Ratatouille/Hercules/Aladdin

#4 from Ratatouille won 1st place at pixar_icontest
#9 from Aladdin won 2nd place at disnemotes
#10 from Aladdin won Mod's Choice at disnemotes
#10 from Little Mermaid won 1st place at disnemotes

Please credit me, disneycutie, or my community, disneyc_cons
when you take any! 

If you like what you see, please join!
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28 July 2008 @ 02:56 pm
[16] The Little Mermaid
[17] Aladdin
[15] Beauty and the Beast
[10] Disney Misc.

Icons underneath the cut!Collapse )
disneygirl89, thank you so much for helping with the Disney Vintage!
Textures: silverqe and closeriedelilas
#10 from The Little Mermaid is inspired by wirsindaurelie

#8 from Aladdin won Best Crop at disney_hush

Please credit when you take any and comments are love! 
If you like what you see: please join!!
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26 June 2008 @ 10:24 pm
Welcome to my community!

From now on all my icons aren't placed anymore on my personal Journal ( disneycutie ), but in this community.
Everyone is welcome so if you're interested in my icons, which are mostly Disney, please join!
I hope I'll have in a short time my first batch of icons on this community.

Love, DisneyCutie ♥ 
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